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Welcome to Pearson's eMeasurement™ Services, a comprehensive suite of secure, online tools for authoring, delivering, and reporting tests.

States increasingly are requiring that schools test students to determine their eligibility for grade promotion and graduation. More frequent tests and faster scoring are critical elements of annual high-stakes testing programs and classroom assessments given throughout the year. In addition, educators want to take advantage of the Internet for standardized, large-scale testing that maximizes their use of existing infrastructure.

eMeasurement Services, Pearson’s Web-based test administration system, has been specifically developed to address these challenges. eMeasurement Services meets the stringent delivery and security requirements of high-stakes assessments, yet provides the flexibility to administer tests in a classroom or practice setting.

All eMeasurement Services authoring, delivery, and reporting tools can be accessed directly through the Internet, using either a PC or a Macintosh™ and a standard Web browser.

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